tech support & Consultants


Josh Mancuso - Esports Consultant

Josh is an experienced Chief Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, an expert in the emerging industry of eSports, Co-founder of the Ontario eSports League, and Coach/Manager of Toronto based eSports team, Northern Express.


John Baptista - Video Editor and Production Lead  

John is a second year Computer Science student at the University of Manitoba. He leads in video production and editing of all Esports content on campus as well as working with Skyler to create quality content for social media.



Skyler Baeza - Photography Lead 

Skyler is a social media influencer who is constantly creating content for Youtube and Instagram. He was a photographer at local Events such as Comicon in the past. He is now head of our Photography and Video Production working along side John. 

Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Google+ | Twitch | Facebook-Gaming | Facebook-Photography | Gurushots | Voice-Overs | | Streamlabs | Streamtip


Gabriel Valentini - Graphic Design & Layout Lead 

Gabriel has an eye for design. He has expertise in marketing and communications which is demonstrated in his work. He helps with poster design & layout, as well as designs for our website, twitch channel, social media and event logos.