Core Team


Melanie Penner - President 

Mel is a former semi-pro player from the U of M Collegiate Team. She oversees all operations related to the program, with a focus on the competitive side of Esports such as player talent development & team management on campus.

League of Legends IGN: Xyphnyx    Steam IGN : Xyphnyx

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Lorhiz Aquino - Vice President

Lorhiz recently graduated from the Asper School of Business as a marketing major. She assists in overseeing the program's operations; with a focus on community development and activities.

League of Legends IGN: Not a Diglett

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Alexander Pop - Founder & Director of Talent Development

Alex founded the club in 2013 as University of Manitoba League of Legends while representing the University as the Head Coach for the College LoL Team for several years. With his expertise in coaching, he helps develop star talent for U of M to compete in major University Esports leagues.

League of Legends IGN : 204bumrush