manitoba Esports Expo


The Manitoba Esports Expo is an event looking to stay and reoccur annually in Winnipeg. Debuting in May 2019 its recent success of Tournaments will continue to feature the following titles League of Legends, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Overwatch.

The plan is to extend the event to an official 3 day Expo to feature as many talented locals as possible, while still maintaining a healthy balance between competitive finals viewings and on stage casual player opportunities for attendees to participate in.

Another goal is to feature more artists, game developers, cosplayers and local businesses as time goes on to build new connections and grow the community. There is a lack of Esports events in Canada for the most part and we think that needs to change. It’s our time to make a statement, step foot in this industry and grow from here.

Planning for the 2nd Manitoba Esports Expo is underway, aiming for an early debut in Spring 2020