Want to be part of the first esports/gaming expo in Manitoba? Become a vendor!

Accommodations and Fees

We want to ensure it is easy for vendors to engage with their audiences. In order to do that we can accommodate the following specifications:

  • Internet access

  • Access to power outlets

  • Ongoing support during the expo

We can also offer a 9 ft x 6 ft for $175 or a 9 ft x 9 ft for $250 that is payable once attendance is confirmed.

PLEASE NOTE: Vendors are responsible for their own travel, parking and accommodations

Expectations and Recommendations

In order to ensure that we provide an excellent experience for guests we have outlined the following expectations and recommendations:

Vendors are expected to be present both days of the expo and be ready for operation as soon as doors are expected to open

Be engaging with participants and potentially have activities or goodies to entice guests

Event Floor Plan

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