Esports Development Bootcamp

We hold a yearly development bootcamp that takes place between late June to October. During this time, we will work with new talent from high school or else where to prepare them for Collegiate Esports in their respective game of choice. This is essentially a tryout period to test high school students, University 1, International or returning U of M students to see how good of a fit they are on one of our many rosters.

We use this time to have 5v5 in-house tournaments, and scrim other Universities or Challenger teams to look at players skill, attitude, attendance and dedication to a team. Former players and coaching staff will be in attendance to make newcomers feel more comfortable.

The Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba will also be in attendance during this time. They will be conducting studies on Esports athletes to collect data about their physical and mental potential through a variety of tests. This research will be helpful for both parties involved.

This tryout process is thorough to not only find the best players for a position but also to have players form synergy with others and gain confidence going into a high skill Esport team environment.

Recruitment begins mid-end June. Stay tuned for posts on our social media!

Player Requirements

Full Time Student

In order to play on any University Esports team, you must be a full time student during the entire year, or duration of the tournament. This means you must take minimum 3 credit courses per semester to participate.

School Comes First

All players are required to have a 2.0 GPA or higher and be in good standing at all times throughout the year. It is important to us that players are attending their classes, and are putting their school work above anything else. Tournament organizers will not give you scholarship money if you’re not attending classes, or doing well in your studies.

Attitude Check

Just like any other University sport team, it is a privilege to play on a University level team of any kind. We expect players to have a positive attitude in and out of game to all. Players are monitored by U of M Esports and tournament organizers to ensure players are being respectful, and not creating a toxic environment towards any player.

Note : Requirements and tournament rules are subject to change yearly