Our Mission

To grow and develop the Esports community at the University of Manitoba and to create opportunities for players across all video games and platforms.

Our goal is to become apart of the Athletics program, and have full support from administration to grow Esports and help train athletic talent in Manitoba.

about us

The Program was founded in late 2013 under the name U of M League of Legends. In late 2017 we changed our name to U of M Esports, to include those who played other games to grow and strengthen our community. We currently have over 350 annual members and are growing more and more each year.

The Program itself is run by a dedicated team of passionate esports enthusiasts who are working to grow the Esports community on campus and showcase home grown collegiate talent. We actively engage with the community by holding events to connect students with other players across a wide range of games, to celebrate their passion for video games, and to develop professional teams (see Collegiate Teams for details).

We host yearly Events such as charity streams, tournaments and holiday parties for members. We also attend big events such as AYBOnline’s yearly BaseLAN in May, Central Canada ComicCon and are speakers at G.A.M.E. of Manitoba Educators.

We recently hosted Manitoba’s 1st ever Esports Expo and are in the midst of planning for the event to take place again in Spring 2020.

We travel across Winnipeg and through rural areas to present our program to high school students to recruit local collegiate talent between January - June.

We also create online content to promote our collegiate players and host an Esports broadcast to highlight our home-grown talent and player's achievements.


Collegiate Teams

The University of Manitoba Esports Program has active collegiate teams competing in League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League and Hearthstone for the upcoming 2019 Academic year, where they will be competing against other Universities across North America for various prizes and scholarship money.

Teams compete in the Collegiate Starleague, TespaULoL College series tournaments and other third party tournaments such as Upsurge, Compete League and DreamHack.

Our collegiate recruitment process for the upcoming 2019/2020 school year will begin mid-end June. Stay tuned for details on our social media platforms.